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IBARW 4 conclusion

Now that it's Monday everywhere, thanks to everyone for participating in IBARW 4!

As I always note, blogging against racism should not be contained to a week. The IBARW Delicious will intermittently gather links throughout the year, and we're still working out some kind of newsletter/linkspam collection.

I wanted to especially thank bowlerhat_girl, jinian, la_vie_noire, laurashapiro, outou, and sophinisba for their help in tagging and posting links; jinian and kate_nepveu for working on the semi-auto-posting script and Kate for managing it through the week; la_vie_noire, laurashapiro, and [info - personal] inkstone for help spreading the word; and la_vie_noire for Spanish-language help. This couldn't have happened without you.

Stay tuned for an IBARW 4 best of and IBARW 5 planning notes.
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IBARW posts collected on 2009-8-1

Behind the cut are IBARW posts collected on Delicious in the last 24 hours (more details).

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Comment here with new IBARW links (which will be collected today by sophinisba), or tag them for:ibarw on Delicious. If your post is tagged wrong, please comment at this post.

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